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john ni0k

No problems at all here with the same setup. Windows updates can change things around though and require resetting. I have 4 sound devices hooked to my PC and they all play nicely.
-John NIØK

Bob Kircher wrote on 5/18/2020 2:20 AM:
Yes, win10 and 2.x don't play nice.  If you use speakers for any other app (like YouTube) you may struggle with it again.

Bob Kircher,  K7QXY
Tigard, Oregon

On Sun, May 17, 2020, 6:22 PM <glenn@...> wrote:
So it does pay to read other postings here.
Saw one that talked about the volume mixer for some other issue.
So what the heck.
A right click on the speaker icon and an adjustment on the WSJTX application and BINGO! Have never had to go there before. Oh well.
Looks like everything is up and running.

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Subject: [WSJTX] 2.1.2 won't transmit , receives ok
From: glenn@...
Date: Sun, May 17, 2020 8:45 am
To: "wsjt group" <WSJTX@groups.io>

 2.1.2 receives fine after changing computers to 2016 HP with Windows 10 and still using the Kenwood 450SAT rig. 
2.1.0 ran fine on the old 2008 Dell with XP. Have both systems side by side and have gone thru all the set up pages and they look the same.. 2.1.0 is set to no rig. If I try entering 450s and hit the test button I get the error message: "Rig Failure Hamlib Error: IO error while opening connection to rig."
Needless to say I have tried every configuration I can see and the same results. No transmit.
Also Digipan runs perfectly so I am sure the computer and rig work together..


-John NIØK

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