locked Re: Dynamic RRR/RR73?

Harold Miller

I am a newbie to FT8, and after reading this forum for a bit there are different opinions about lots of things.


In reference to RRR/RR73, I do not have a problem with either…  to me it is a sign of respect for the other operator and thanking them for the time to return or make the call to me.


I would like to make one change and I will do it on my own.   I would like to say TU 73.  If you cannot spare 15 seconds for a bit of courtesy, then that is your problem.   Keep in mind this is a HOBBY and has been a fun one.   

I have had the privilege of operating from several spots around the world as DX being chased and chasing DX…  


Ham radio has become a hobby of contests and quick QSOs.   We need to get the civility back into the hobby.  But that is my opinion.


So if you see me send a TU73, then thanks for the contact and move on.


So folks my fireproof drawers are on go ahead and flame away… J


Hal, KB1ZQ




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I agree with Lance and Kai about the use of RRR.
I rarely send RR73, and then only under good conditions and when I have high confidence it will be received.
And I do not send RR73 multiple times; I send RR73 only once, log the contact as complete, and move on.

Having both RRR and RR73 available is the compromise to a very old argument.

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