Locked Re: EME with MAP65 ad IC-9700

Jim Spears

there is a wide variety of descriptions of interface between the PC or Mac and IC-9700.  short answer is you need to load the Silicon Labs driver from Icom website..  this will give you COM port for CAT and USB audio in/out.  I do not know if the 9700 is defined for MAP65. 

the issue I ran into with the 9700 was getting access to PTT so that a sequencer could control keying and/or application of power.  I never found a satisfactory solution.

other issue is that WSJT-X might be a better choice than MAP65 as it will decode only the audio bandwidth (~3 KHz) which is all that is available with the USB in/out. 

with a bit of fiddling it should be possible to use the second USB interface to feed a SDR which would then feed 100 KHz of "audio" into MAP65 with or without Linrad so you can see the entire band used by the EME crowd.


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