locked Re: Decode issues

Michael Black

I haven't seen you in my logs since 19-Aug. I keep my rig on 24x365.

I know there's a problem with timing issues with the flex series.  Normally a restart of the computer or just the Flex software solves it.

It's all about DPC latency.  I have a friend with a Flex 3000 who was having this problem but hasn't completely solved it yet.  He just restarts the software when he's working anything that requires accurate timing like JT modes.
Mike W9MDB

From: "kd7iql@... [WSJTX]"
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Sent: Friday, September 4, 2015 1:22 PM
Subject: [WSJTX] Decode issues

I have not been getting any / many JT65 QSO.  In the past I would get 10-15 a night.  I think it is a timing issue.

Current setup
Dimension 4
5 Min refresh

WSTJ-X 1.50
Decode Deepest
Mode JT65+JT9

 Windows 10

Flex 6500 

Using DX labs for rig control 

Any thoughts


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