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Um ... Tx5 has ALWAYS been a 73 in JT65/JT9/FT8/FT4.  It is the acknowledgement from the answering station TO the CQ calling station.  RR73 is usually the CQ station's reply to an R-xx from the answering station.

Please review Section 7 in the User Manual for the list of the various exchanges used by WSJT-X.

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 5/18/2020 8:16 AM, Robert Babcock wrote:
I can't get TX5 to RR73 (rather than the current 73), in fact I have nothing in the macro sequence with an "R".  My sequence is TX1, TX3 and TX5.  At a minimum I would like to transmit a RR73, if not a RRR  I have double clicked on everything, hi.. 

I still don't understand how to make a macro message change stick (i.e. change Tx 5 to read RR73) or change the sequence.  If I manually change Tx5 to RR73, it doesn't last one cycle.

Bob Babcock N4RF
Pinehurst, NC


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