Locked Re: Setting RR73

Bill Somerville

On 18/05/2020 13:16, Robert Babcock wrote:
I can't get TX5 to RR73 (rather than the current 73), in fact I have nothing in the macro sequence with an "R".  My sequence is TX1, TX3 and TX5. At a minimum I would like to transmit a RR73, if not a RRR  I have double clicked on everything, hi..

I still don't understand how to make a macro message change stick (i.e. change Tx 5 to read RR73) or change the sequence. If I manually change Tx5 to RR73, it doesn't last one cycle.

Bob Babcock N4RF
Pinehurst, NC

the use of a message with RR73 is to acknowledge receipt of your report along with acknowledgement that your sent report has been received, a contraction or portmanteau message derived from an 'RRR' message and a '73' message. As such it is the Tx4 message in the normal sequence. If you are searching and pouncing then you are unlikely to send aTx4 message. If you wish to acknowledge receipt of an RRR message or RR73 message then use a normal Tx5 73 message or some other free text message containing the word '73'.


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