Locked Re: Dynamic RRR/RR73?

Lance Collister, W7GJ <w7gj@...>

Hi Kai!

You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! I have noticed MANY TIMES on 6m Es, with all the QSB that
I have to send RRR a number of times to finally get a RR73 or 73 from the other
station. I ALWAYS send RRR for that reason! If I just sent RR73 and went on to the
next station, there would be many contacts that were not complete!

GL and VY 73, Lance

On 5/16/2020 13:47:25, Kai-KE4PT wrote:

Let's leave RRR (and RO, and 73) alone.

Kindest regards,
Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

On 5/15/2020 22:32, Carl - WC4H via groups.io wrote:
I'm with you Warren.  The RRR should be totally replaced with RR73

Carl - WC4H

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