Locked Re: More fun decodes

Herb Blue - WB8ASI

Here's a dandy I saw the other day.  No idea???

On May 17, 2020 at 4:35 PM Paul F6EXV <f6exv@...> wrote:

Maybe that 54N1F7B857X is one of these special event callsigns about Covid19 ?
Paul F6EXV

Le 17/05/2020 à 21:55, Jim Shorney a écrit :
Submitted for the amusement of all concerned, not a complaint or bug report. I somewhat unintentionally left rc1 running late into the evening on 12 Meters yesterday with an instance of 2.1.2 running in parallel. When I looked at it later I found the shown bizarre false decodes from pretty much just noise in rc1 and only one somewhat more mundane false in 2.1.2.

Waiting for that FDCC (false decode century club) award.





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