locked wstjx does not hear the audio anymore #AudioIssues #AudioIssues #WSJTX_config


I have wstjx installed on an AMD Phenom runnning w10 latest version.  Previously, 2 months ago, everything was fine.  The audio from HDSDR mapped into wstjx fine.  As a matter of fact wstj was able to hear all audio on the pc.  A month ago WSTJ stopped hearing everything.  I look in settings, audio input, system audio and that looks fine.  Audio mixer looks the same, the audio just does not make it to wstj.  

just fyi.  I have wstj also installed on an I3 W10 system and it works just fine.  Same thing on Thinkpad I7 W10.  I select system audio and wstj  hears stuff.  So something changes on the AMD system.  I've tried removing wstj* and reinstalling but that did not help.  I don't think its related to the fact that its AMD since it worked before.

Any ideas?  Maybe a w10 update tweaked my sound settings somewhere like in registry?

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