locked Re: Auto Sequence Behavior #WSJTX_config #QSO_practices #IssueReport

Bill Somerville

Hi Joe,

if the Tx1 message is being selected that is effectively answering a called, i.e. RR73 is probably being interpreted as a grid square in this case.


On 13/05/2020 17:00, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:

Should not the RR73 message contain *my* callsign in order to be
valid for my report?  IOW, if I'm in the middle of an exchange
with P5DX and he sends G4WJS P5DX RR73, why - even as an edge
case - would the software consider that a valid acknowledgement
to me?


   ... Joe, W4TV

On 2020-05-13 9:20 AM, Bill Somerville wrote:
On 13/05/2020 12:56, wewilsonjr@... wrote:
I've noticed what I perceive as odd behavior of the Auto Seq function.  When the other station has responded with their report and I'm sending mine (Tx 3), they will sometimes temporarily go work another station as band conditions change.  As soon as they send their RR73 message to the OTHER station, my Auto Seq goes immediately back to Tx 1, essentially starting my QSO at the beginning.  If I catch this quickly, I will click Tx 3 to resume sending their report and complete the QSO.

Is this the planned behavior, or is there something I can do about this with some different option choices?

Hi OM,

you are correct that this behaviour is unhelpful, it is one of the several edge cases where we expect the operator to be alert and select the correct response. I hope you understand that we do not want to create an automated QSO machine, so we do not consider such issues to be a high priority.


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