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John - Nice working you. Yes JT9-2 is Sloooow...! I will check out 14.078 next week. WAE RTTY this weekend so that part of the band will bee useless I am sure,
Likely do some more 30 tomorrow. Found noon yesterday good to Europe...
Have some issues with the program... Once rebooting all well again but had to do it several times during the afternoon.
Again many thanks for calling... 73 Andy

---- John - kc2rxs <johnd@...> wrote:

Hi Andy,

After you use JT9-2 for a QSO, JT9-1 seems fast.

There is some activity on 14.078, I made a few contacts there.

73, John - kc2rxs

On 11/9/2012 7:45 PM, ve9dx wrote:

Just on JT9-1 a short time but in 2 nights of listening much above
1838 plus 1500 hz is useless here. Due to a local noise.
About a half dozen in the log so far on 160 between 1838 plus 1400 and
1600 hz.
Also ran a few Europeans on 10.130 around noon time in the plus 1400
to 1500 hz area.
Haven't found JT9-1 on any other bands yet so will look forward to
hearing what is being used where on the other bands.
K1CF just asked me to try JT9-2 - works - talk about long and drawn
out though.
Will be around 1838 plus 1500 most of the evening...
73 Andy (VE9DX)

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