locked First RTTY RU: used FT4


I found the rules to be extremely obscure and baffling regarding
'Off-time Requirement: Participate 24 of the 30 hours ("Two Break Rule")'

 It seemed to me, at a glance, that I was required to take 'Two Breaks'. :-|
I just wanted to operate for a few hours on Sunday.

I used WSJTX and, thus, a file was saved in 'Amateur Data Interchange Format'.
It seems that the ARRL wants 'Cabrillo' format.

 I used WSJTX on a Raspberry Pi.

Is there an online ADIF to CABRILLO converter?

Is there an ADIF to CABRILLO converter for Raspbian?

I have access to other computers with the Linux OS,
with kernels as old as 4.4.0-148-generic and as current as 4.15.0-58-generic;
in case someone knows of an open-source converter.

73, Chuck


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