locked Re: AGC Question

Andrew OBrien

If you are talking about AGC with modes like FT8, FT4 , the usual recommendation is to experiment with various settings on the rig  and see how they impact varying  receive conditions.  K1JT's 2018 guide (https://www.physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/K1JT/FT8_Operating_Tips.pdf)   says...

"  Use the rig’s AGC or take care to adjust the RF gain control and attenuator whenever there are strong signals on the waterfall.  Overload in the receiver and/or sound card can mess with any digital signal processing in your rig and on the soundcard including, WSJT-X’s decoding and waterfall display.  AGC is the easy option, preferably on a fast setting.  Consider using your rig’s filters too...  "
Andy K3UK

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