Locked Re: Many incomplete contacts

Jim Cooper

On 17 Oct 2019 at 1:41, Pat Kane via Groups.Io wrote:

I am also seeing this same behavior.

A DX station is calling CQ. I
respond. He sends a signal report. I
send send R-signal report. He keeps
sending his initial signal report as
if not hearing me even though his
initial report to me is good like +10

Sometimes after numerous tries the
QSO works but many times it does not.
I had one last night, FT4 on 20m, with
a K4 where he kept sending R -07 for
TWENTY ONE minutes !! I kept responding
with RR73 each time and finally got a 73 ...
I've emailed him to ask what was going on,
but his sig went all the way up to +04 during
that time and -07 is such a bad strength that
he reported to me ...

It seemed odd that he'd keep sending for that
long without the 'watchdog' timing out.


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