locked Re: Windows 10 -WSJT-X power slider help...

Bill Somerville

On 23/07/2019 20:21, Jim Dawson wrote:
I installed version 2.1 and now when I transmit or tune I have to move the Pwr slider nearly all the way to the top to get the correct output. The levels control in the mixer no longer changes the power level, I've set it from 10% to 90% but it doesn't change the level to WSJT-X. What am I missing? I used to have the level set to 40% and the Pwr slider about 80% up. This is with WIndows 10. Any help is appreciated,

Hi Jim,

there's nothing wrong with having the "Pwr" slider all the way up, that should be your default starting place when adjusting the Tx audio levels.

The Windows mixer control behaves differently with the 64-bit version of WSJT-X, it is no longer controlled by the "Pwr" slider in WSJT-X. You must adjust it manually which should be a one time operation. The best way to adjust it is to click "Tune" in WSJT-X to get a transmission started, you can have the rig power at minimum while you do this adjustment. You need to have the "Sounds->Playback devices->'your-selected-output-device'->Properties->Levels" visible with the slider therein set to decibels (right-click and select decibels). Set the WSJT-X Windows Sound Mixer slider to maximum, that will also push the master level for that device to maximum and you will see a corresponding change to the device level slider you previously opened. If the device level slider shows 0dB then you are done, if it shows higher than 0dB (e.g. some devices can go to +14dB) then you *MUST* reduce the device level slider back to 0dB. This last step will automatically reduce the mixer WSJT-X slider and the mixer master level slider, and that is fine so leave them alone.

The last step above is absolutely critical as any gain applied in the digital domain will distort your Tx signal severely.

Note that none of the above is needed with the current 32-bit build of WSJT-X as in that case the "Pwr" slider adjusts the mixer control automatically and it remains within a safe range.


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