Locked Re: where are all the FT4 experimenters?

Jim - N4ST

I'm not in my hamshack at the moment, but those frequencies don't look correct.
Did you follow the setup instructions and reset the frequencies once you made the FT4 configuration and selected the FT4 mode?
There are many signals on 20M (14.080) all day long.

Jim - N4ST

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Subject: [WSJTX] where are all the FT4 experimenters?

I have only found an FT4 QSO on 10.140 which seems mostly abandon all day long.
I have listened to 7.090 and called CQ in FT4 with no luck.
Where are the FT4 experimenters on 80/40/20/17?
I have looked at the suggested frequencies (3.595, 7.090, 14.140(SSB) and never saw/heard an FT4 signal.
mny tnx,
72/73 de Ken N9VV

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