Locked Re: V 2.0 macOS not decoding

Bill Somerville

On 01/01/2019 22:22, Mark Murray via Groups.Io wrote:
When the "Enable TX" is on calling CQ it will transmit as normal calling the CQ.  After doing so the software begins to receive as usual and after the 15 second receive it will not "decode" anything.  Simply goes back to "Enable TX" and nothing is decoded in the Band Activity section or the RX section even if a station is calling me.  The only way I can receive any Band Activity or RX activity by having the software decode is by not choosing to "Enable TX" button.

V2.0 w/ macOS V10.14.2 (I have tried to different MacBooks w/ no luck)

Thanks for any advice or information, 73.
Hi Mark,

this is the first report of this this behaviour. What rig are you using and how is it connected to your Mac for audio, PTT, and CAT control?


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